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I try to stay unopinionated on this blog but here goes:


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2 months ago

I try to stay unopinionated on this blog but here goes:


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centaurstesticle (nakedprofessional on tumblr)

her, too!

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@blingsect either here or twitter

Whoops, I definitely just binged 40+ episodes of an anime despite being someone who never watches anime to begin with.

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centaurstesticle (nakedprofessional on tumblr)

meowrail time !!

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So the stream is over now, and this is the product of 6 hours worth of live work.
(Also realised it didn’t record any of it)
But heres my Harpy!Streki, in her vibrancy.

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so i was impulsive and saw @chanceydoesstuff's draw this in your style thing and finals just got done soooooooo

also right below is the original picture


You did Amazing!!!

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2 months ago
An Anonymous user asked:

I love your blog sm. Thank you for being so encouraging to content creators.  ãƒŸâ˜†

Ah! Thank you for your kind words! I'm trying my best to make sure everyone gets a little encouragement

#Keep up the great work guys!!

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Art Drawn By: Me binch

IDK if I post this already but here's my son Gemini, who's got a love for shiny things and enjoys stealing anything he thinks would be good or useful for him. Though that was the thing that got his soul taken from his body, so maybe he should tone that down a bit.

He works for the circus as a tightrope walker who uses his flexibility to twist and jump into all sorts of tricks. He's kind of a dick, always having walls up and keeping a close eye on anyone he crosses paths with as his trust is very subjective, but he cares for his family (the circus) and will do absolutely anything for them.


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y'ever draw some random bullshit and it turns out way better than 99% of the things you actually put effort into

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Brooklyn Gates // mush 2019

not sure about their name yet, but heres a nice fairy person

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A Draw This In Your Style Challenge!

I have'nt seen one of these on here yet, and this lady seemed interesting enough! To participate just take this prompt and redraw it as you would draw normally. Be sure to tag me so I can see! 


  ^more pics




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Made a few quick spidersonas this one doesn't have a name yet
I had fun making them  
Check out my other two here and here

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gettin moldi, feelin sexi, havin fun

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On The Topic of Online Art Communities

It's difficult to be an artist, that much is clear. And with the evolution of social media and the fast paced world, competition and self doubt runs the show nowadays.Not to mention the algorithmic changes happening with every other social media lately, it's nearly impossibly to gather and keep an audience, this is why it's important to uplift eachother instead of relying on "followers". I know I put out this post so that I could find new artists to reblog and support, which I take very seriously and will try to the best of my ability to deliver. 

However that won't solve the problem of unseen artists. One person showcasing art is good, however I think something that was wrong with the Tumblr community was the lack of support we felt for one another. Tumblr had a fantastic way to allow art to come directly from the source and be shared around and networked, Waterfall has the same unique feature that could cultivate a perfect supportive community. However we don't seem to care for one another anymore, even I am finding myself less likely to look for new artists or try to help others. Everytime a post comes around that says "artists supporting artists" I see people just dropping their own page, their own info on how to see their own art, but not looking at anyone else's pages/websites/portfolios. I've done it countless times, hell even on the post I linked above people just reblogged it, but not gone in to the notes to see anyone else's page. 

Even during the renaissance, the new art motion, artists have been supporting eachother. Artists have always been connected to learn and grow from eachothe, swap ideas, mediums, foundings, etc. Social media nowadays seems to be like everyone is in a giant room, taping content on their section of the wall, but not walking two feet to the left to see anyone else's.

We need to put in the effort to support one another. I'm tired of friends and mutuals becoming insecure about their art because no one will support them.


Spread love y'all, reblog art, look at other artists, use the searchbar and look at the tags ( #art #myart #myoc #artistsonwaterfall/tumblr/instagram) 

You could even just click on the tags of this post and find a new friend, follow eachother! 


keep rebloggin

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Taking Down the Snake God - WIP

Wanted to wait and post the completed version but its taking too long, so in the mean time here is the current project im working on.

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my precious

Hmm.. got an idea for a new comic and started drawing it.. Lets see how far i will get

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don't trust this pizza shit

His name is Acatl, he's a gay lich with some,,,
skeletons in his closet

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the only thing i’m  good aatt is letting go!

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